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formem GmbH offers you a software package with which you can really easy-ly calculate and elaborate the drawings you need to build a tensile or pneumatic structure - e.g. a roof, a sail etc.



The advantages of this package - compared with other products on the market – are:

  • You work with only a few files

  • You will use the editor of AutoCAD

  • You will use the visualization of AutoCAD

  • Joints are created automatically, they do not have to be entered manually

  • Patterns are optimized automatically


Currently the following modules are available: 

  • EcForm: you will easily find the right form of your structure starting with a rough set of points.

  • EcCut: calculates the best patterning after having found the right form of your structure with EcForm.

  • EcTens (in preparation): calculates membrane tensions and supporting loads


Specific Properties

Price (EUR)

EcForm test version

for up to 70 nodes


EcForm 600

for up to 600 nodes

on request


For all structures

2 400.-



5 500.-



on request


In the handbook you find more information about EcForm. 


If you want to test - for free - the module EcForm please check Downloads. If you are interested in one of the other modules, please fill in the contact form.